WebHopper is a web-based system that available to students, staff, faculty, and applicants to access real-time information stored in our administrative/academic database. The type of features/functions available is determined by your role. Students have access to their individual academic, financial, and campus information/forms. Faculty have access to course, roster, and grading information. Faculty mentors/advisors have access to tools that support transcript and degree evaluation of the students they advise. Employes have access to payroll and direct deposit information. A summary of access is described below:

Students can use WebHopper to:

  • View their class schedule and unofficial transcripts
  • Search course offerings
  • Check their academic progress using the program evaluation tool
  • View Financial Aid awards
  • View required documents New Student Documents
  • Register for classes
  • Request official transcripts
  • View their statement of accounts
  • View pay advices for student employment
  • Enter time worked through web time entry
  • Sign up for the direct deposit of student refunds
  • View documents required if they have signed up for study abroad
  • Find required textbooks for each course

Staff can use WebHopper to:

  • View pay advices
  • Check leave accruals
  • View position summary
  • View 1099 , W-2 and T4 information
  • Check stipends
  • Approve student worker time
  • View student worker time history
  • Sign up for direct deposit of accounts payable checks
  • View Admissions/Financial Aid reports

Faculty have the same access as staff with a few additions.  Faculty can use WebHopper to:

  • Search course offerings
  • View class roster information
  • View current schedule information
  • View advisee information
  • Perform degree audit and  evaluation to support academic advising
  • Submit electronic grades
  • Enter instructor and mentor approvals prior to and during  web registration.

Faculty/Staff with Budget Authority can:

  • View real-time budget information

Guests have access to search course offerings on WebHopper.

WebHopper may be accessed at https://hopper.austincollege.edu.

If you have questions about WebHopper or access problems, please call the Help Desk at x2063 or send an email to helpdesk@austincollege.edu.

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